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Planned Maintenance Programs

Putting Service to the Bottom Line


By definition, planned maintenance is a proactive strategic service program designed to maximize equipment performance over its entire life cycle, which ultimately contributes to a company's bottom line.
Planned Maintenance (PM) accomplishes this by ensuring specification compliance and proactively identifying potential performance issues that can be corrected before they cause interruptions.

The key benefits of developing a PM program include –

  • Contributing to food and employee safety
  • Maximizing equipment performance and reducing downtime
  • Reducing repair costs over the equipment’s life cycle
  • Allowing service calls to be budgeted evenly over time
  • Helping assure manufacturer warranty and third-party safety compliance

"Having an ASA regularly calling on your business to inspect equipment over its full life cycle gives you the best possible offense against safety issues," says Mike Buelow, Vice President of Service for Manitowoc Foodservice.

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