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If it's not fixed with STAR Certified, Manitowoc OEM Parts, it's not fixed.

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A key issue that arises over a piece of equipment's life cycle is the desirability of using original equipment manufacturer (OEM) replacement parts if, indeed, changes need to be made.

During the course of equipment ownership, the need to service and replace parts is inevitable. Businesses are already challenged to deliver maximum profits and, with a slow economy, saving dollars becomes an everyday quest. It's tempting to use generic or aftermarket parts because they can be cheaper - at least initially.

What customers need to know is that OEM parts deliver a variety of benefits that generics can't touch. For warranty, food safety, liability protection and to maintain approval ratings, replacement with OEM parts is key. While generic parts may carry their own warranty, OEM parts are the only true way to preserve the warranty of the equipment itself. STAR Authorized Service Agents work with OEM parts because they know that's the best way to keep you up and running smoothly.

Choose OEM Parts for the following benefits:

  • Guaranteed to fit and work right the first time
  • Protect the warranty of the equipment, not just the part
  • Safety First - protect your liability and food safety
  • Maintain Agency Approvals

Tina Reese, General Manager for Commercial Appliance Parts & Service, a Tampa-based OEM parts and service company, agrees. “Using a generic part can open an operator to liability. For example, if someone, other than an authorized service agent, has gone in and made repairs using a generic part and a fire occurs because it no longer works properly, it could open the operator to liability. And you wouldn’t be aware of it until something happened. And at that point, it’s too late.”

For an in-depth analysis of OEM vs. generic parts, Manitowoc Foodservice has developed a white paper based on industry experts and data, click here to download.