Kitchenology Defined

KitchenologyThe art and science of Better Kitchens

(kich-uhn-ol-uh-jee) n.

The study of developing highly efficient kitchens that produce amazing food and beverages. Born out of our obsession with the intricate art of food and drink preparation and our experience in engineering the world’s most leading-edge foodservice equipment technology.

Kitchens are fascinating
Here chemistry, physics, and math work harmoniously alongside intuition, pageantry, and improvisation. Ingredients are transformed. Cravings are invented. And culture is influenced. The study of this phenomenon is what we call Kitchenology™.
Manitowoc Foodservice examines food, people, and technology to create world-class equipment that helps transform your recipes into exceptional meals.

The Kitchenology Philosophy
As the leading authority on Kitchenology™, Manitowoc Foodservice understands how kitchens bring food, people, and equipment together to create amazing dining experiences. Our kitchen innovations are inspired by our collective expertise in these areas:

Leading Brands:
We have the most recognized foodservice equipment brands in the world and the most diverse portfolio covering cooking, refrigerating, prepping, ice making, dispensing, holding, merchandising, and warewashing.

By tracking consumer trends and applying them to the design of our equipment, Manitowoc Foodservice helps keep kitchens relevant to the way your customers are eating today.

We love food, and making equipment that transforms it from basic ingredients to amazing meals is our greatest joy. From pancakes to lobster, pizza to beverages - the best recipes start with Manitowoc Foodservice. By employing our dedicated staff of chefs, we are able to provide trend-relevant recipe support and custom applications.

With the world's largest portfolio of leading foodservice equipment brands, Manitowoc Foodservice is the authority on every major cooking technique - frying, toasting, steaming, chilling, baking, cooking, and more. If your recipe calls for it, you can do it better with the world-class brands of Manitowoc Foodservice.

Through our EnerLogic™ program, Manitowoc Foodservice helps create kitchens full of positive energy. These kitchens are gentler on the environment, healthier for your employees, and easier on your energy bills. Learn about the more than 1,000 products that have received third-party certification to carry the EnerLogic logo.

Every kitchen has an optimal workflow. With the help of our exclusive High Performance Kitchen Group, we can design custom kitchen environments based on operational need and unique needs of operator menus. The result is more efficient, more fluid kitchens where inspiration thrives.

Keeping your kitchen running smoothly is imperative to your operation's success. Through our STAR Service program, our network of authorized service agents is continuously trained on the latest parts and products to ensure proper maintenance and a fast, right fix every time.