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Culinary Quip: French Cuisine, Schools and trimming the fat with Chef Hans Sell

Chef Hans SellWith an unprecedented understanding of all the moving parts that go into creating a successful foodservice operation, whether a national chain, independent, or a local school district, Chef Hans Sell is able to use his 20 years of culinary and business expertise to deliver the optimal solution to every customer.

Chef Sell joined Manitowoc Foodservice about eight years ago as corporate chef for Garland Canada. Prior to that he was an operator/owner, ran some of the top resorts in Muskoka and worked for the #1 brokerage in Ontario all the expertise one needs to full understand the day in and day out challenges any operator faces, from menu expansion, labor and staffing, all the way to keeping food costs in line while delivering a high quality product.

"My passion for food started early in life, with my parents. Our family would make a production out of dinner time, it was a special occasion, a time to enjoy and I carry those memories with me and they influence how I see food today" says Chef Sell

Chef Sell now uses his highly developed business and operational expertise to ensure that current and potential Manitowoc Foodservice and Garland users understand the unique aspects of using such quality equipment. "Garland Canada and Manitowoc Foodservice are able to deliver unique opportunities that our competition can't, from a full line of foodservice products, to our innovation and services before and after the sale, there is just no comparison when you look at the big picture."

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Q: What is your favorite type of cuisine
A: Classic French Cuisine

Q: What are 5 ingredients you couldn't live without (besides basics)?
A: Dry white wine, fresh garlic, duck fat, demi glace, grainy dijon mustard.

Q: Describe your favorite dessert?
A: Warm Bread Pudding with a bourbon or whiskey sauce.



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