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Operations capitalizing on foodservice trends drive equipment needs.

Trends Drive Decisions

Insights and trends are driving the purchase of restaurant equipment.  Understanding them is beneficial to helping operators determine what equipment investments are best for their operation. Manitowoc Foodservice reviewed the 2013 National Restaurant Association Industry Forecast for how operators can utilize our equipment to deliver on these trends for 2013.

You can read our full perspective on how operational trends translate to equipment opportunities. Here are some of the highlights from our point of view.

  • Global Expansion – Restaurants will continue to expand beyond U.S. borders, which create unique challenges and opportunities for the operation and the operator. Manitowoc Foodservice has been a global market leader for years, and has developed distribution channels, service networks and support systems around the globe to assist our partners no matter where they are located. Our teams of global experts are able to provide years of knowledge and experience to any operation to those entering a new global market or looking to expand their presence in a current market, our teams live and work around the globe and are here to help.
  • Energy Savings – Energy saving and energy efficient equipment will be a key factor in equipment investment and purchase for operators. Manitowoc Foodservice is an industry leader in energy efficient equipment with over 1,800 products that meet or exceed published third party standards for energy efficiency in a variety of product categories including ice, steam equipment and combi-ovens. As a company we have also committed to sustainable practices in our facilities throughout North America.
  • Technology – Innovation is a cornerstone of Manitowoc Foodservice and we work with our partners to develop technological advancements that will create a more efficient operation, decrease labor and produce more in less space. Smart controllers with touch screen technology, allow for ease of use across multiple products and platforms and languages, so once users learn one, they know them all. Many of our product lines have self-cleaning systems that will reduce equipment downtime, increase overall product quality and reduce labor needed for cleaning. Overall. we have delivered intuitive technology to assist operations with consistency and efficiency.

You can see all 13 of our equipment insights here.

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